The Safari Experience of Timbavati

The Timbavati floodplain is an exciting safari destination with a rich variety of wildlife including not only the Big Five but a profusion of birds and diverse animal life. Game viewing is offered in safari vehicles, or on foot in the company of professional rangers.

The Timbavati Private Game Reserve comprises a number of private concessions which border on the Kruger National Park. Since there is no fencing between the reserve and the National Park, animals are able to move freely in and out.

The best safari season is usually during the so-called dry season (April to September). The rainy season begins in October and usually lasts until the end of March. The dry bush comes alive after the rains and birdlife is prolific, but game viewing becomes more difficult as the foliage grows thicker.

Game Drives

Game drives on a Timbavati safari usually take place in the cooler times of day when animals are more active and there is a better chance of encountering abundant wildlife. There are also thrilling night game drives which go in search of fascinating nocturnal animals.

All game drives are undertaken in an open vehicle. Each driver/guide has extensive experience and intimate knowledge of the Timbavati area and is an expert on game movement and other ecological aspects of the region. The best opportunity to see a lion is usually just after sunrise. Other large African animals like elephant, buffalo, giraffe and wildebeest are more visible an hour before sunset.

Walking Safaris

There is no greater way to enjoy the essence of the African bush than on a foot safari. The freedom of being in the heart of the bush and in close proximity to Africa's amazing wildlife is an unforgettable experience. Timbavati walking safaris inspire a degree of respect for the wilderness when visitors realise that they are participants and not just spectators.

Bird Watching

Bird-watching has always been a popular focus of many safari enthusiasts. With 13 varied habitats, Kruger National Park is home to one of the largest concentrations of birdlife and wildlife species in Africa.

Timbavati has 282 recorded bird species and is home to a wide variety of birds of all shapes and sizes. Timbavati greater Kruger National Park area is ideal whether you’re an experienced birder or just starting out.

You can find out more about birding in our Kruger Park Birding Guide.

Armchair Safari

There is nothing quite like sitting quietly watching the animals of Africa come down to a waterhole to drink and play. You can spend the afternoon hours between game viewing activities relaxing quietly with a drink in hand watching the animals come down for a drink of their own.

Watch baby elephants frolicking at the water's edge while a lion watches from below a nearby bush. An impala arrives, its ears flicking and nostrils testing the air for danger. A giraffe bends down impossibly to sip from the waterhole.

It’s not uncommon to see elephant, buffalo and antelope grazing only metres away at any time of day. Perhaps this is where the notion of an ‘armchair safari’ was perfected.

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